Wednesday, 1 December 2010

My accessories

By Ally 

This is the most part of my accesories.
I adore collecting earrings a lot. Also I like bracelets,pendants and brooches. And now I have a "ringomania",  bought a huge number of rings :DD
I keep my accessories in two smart boxes.

My favourite things are my pride)
Romantic theme.I see something french in it.

Gold league + vintage bracelet.
"Sporty" things for similar outfits.

My bracelets. As you see I keep them on this cat)

Paris is my passion.

This is it.I hope you'll like it.
Have a nice day,

P.S. Question for today. What  is the most necessary kind of accessories for creating a look??
Your opinion is valuable,guys)


  1. В восторге от баночки с украшениями и колечка с зеленым камнем - потрясающее!!!
    насчет - вопроса. Аксессуары очень важны! они могут стать изюминкой любого наряда, или вообще - его главной частью(как пример- черное платье и большое колье с кристалами)