Friday, 18 January 2013

 I recommend you a very nice fashion social community "Stylesaint". You can make there different collages with your favourite brands, trends, models etc. Lately I joined this community and an editorial team on Stylesaint. You can find my profile here.

 By the way, do you like Lookbook, Polyvore, Fashiolista, Stylesaint or any other fashion social network? Do you use it often?
 Just a curiosity :) In my opinion these sources can be really useful. Fashiolista helps to save all favourite potential purchases on the one page. Fashion collage made on Polyvore or Stylesaint has the similar functions. I even told you about the advantages of  fashion moodboards  in a special post earlier. World-famous (among fashion lovers)  helped a lot of people to know more about the new trends, inspire and create their own and unique style. Last but not least, each community gathers people together. Even a fashion community :) And this is wonderful!

My Stylesaint account 

My Polyvore account

My Fashiolista account

My Lookbook page


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