Saturday, 19 February 2011

Do you like donuts??

Yeah,stupid question :D

Unfortunately, we can't eat them every day. Unhealthy method.
But guys, we can... express taste in style.
Let's keep on a fashion diet!)
Photo 1 of Doughnut Sweat Top By Ashish**   ASHISH Doughnut Sweat/ Love it!  

You can find it in Topshop.

 And what about a ring with donut?
Pink Glazed Donut Ring by MistyAurora.

And my favourite:
Frosted Donut 1 GB USB Memory Stick
Bon appétit!

P.S. info for the russian readers. В Topshop сейчас две вещи с распродажи можно купить по цене одной!! Товар с меньшей ценой - всего 1 рубль.

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